Fees Structure

Degree Programmes

ProgrammePeriod(years)Amount(Ugsh) per Semester
Bachelor of Information Technology3750,000
Bachelor of Agriculture & Rural Innovations3800,000
Bachelor of Journalism and Communication3700,000
Bachelor of Business Administration3700,000
Bachelor of Social Sciences3 650,000
Bachelor of Development Studies3650,000
Bachelor of Public Adminstration & Management3650,000
Bachelor of Administrative & Sec. Studies3650,000
Bachelor of Human Resource Management3650,000
Bachelor of Social Work & Social Work3650,000
Bachelor of Agriculture- Education3800,000
Bachelor of Science with Education3800,000
Bachelor of Arts with education3600,000
Bachelor of Education - Primary2520,000
Bachelor of Education - Secondary2600,000

Diploma & Certificate Programmes

ProgrammePeriodAmount(Ugsh) per Semester
Diploma in Education- Primary2420,000
Diploma in Early Childhood Education2400,000
Diploma in Information Technology 2450,000
Diploma in Business Administration2450,000
Diploma in Development Studies2400,000
Diploma in Public Administration2450,000
Diploma in Agriculture & Rural Innovations2450,000
Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication2400,000
Diploma in Social Work & Social Adminstration2400,000
Diploma in Administrative & Sec. Studies2400,000
CERTIFICATE PROGRAMMES (Short courses)Month(s)
Certificate in Public Administration1300,000
Certificate in computer Applications1300,000
Certificate in Financial Management1300,000
Certificate in Urban planning & Management1300,000
Certificate in Project Planning & Mnanagement1300,000
Certificate in Human Resource Management1300,000
Certificate in NGO Management1300,000

Functional University Fees

1Caution Fee50,000 (Per Annum)
2Registration Fee50,000 (Per Semester)
3Identity Card20,000 (Paid Once)
4Development Fund70,000 (Per Semester)
5Library Fee50,000 (Per Semester)
6Sports Fee10,000 (Per Semester)
7Computer Fee40,000 (Per Semester)
8Examination fee50,000 (Per Semester)
9Students Guild Council Fee10,000 (Per Semester)
10National Council for Higher Education20,000 (Per Annum)
11Medical Fee10,000 (Per Semester)


There is half bursary for Brilliant and Needy students.

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