Faculty of Education

General Objective of the Programmes

To produce professional teachers who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding of their subjects of specialization, combined with practical skills, competences and commitment to teach to high national standards in order to achieve the national objectives of education.

Specific Objectives
  1. Develop the capability of student teachers to teach effectively at the respective level of education;
  2. Develop the capability of student teacher’s to identify teaching problems and design appropriate procedures for investigating, analyzing and solving them;
  3. Enable student teachers to acquire basic knowledge and skills of how children grow, develop and learn;

Programmes include:

1 Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED): 3
2 Bachelor of Science with Education (BSCED)
3 Bachelor of Education – Secondary &Primary(Holiday) – (BED): 2
4 Bachelor of Agriculture Education (BAGE) 3
5 Diploma in Education – Primary (Holiday Programme) – (DEP): 2
6 Diploma in Early Childhood Education (holiday) – (DECE):
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