Ibanda University Finalist 2018/2019


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Dear sweetheart Ibanda University, I am writing this letter to you with mixed emotions. I can’t believe I am parting ways with you, the one I have been in love with for three years.

For the period I have been under your care, I have grown into a strong man with lots of ambitions because you have imparted in me lots of knowledge. I came to know you when I was a young boy but I am leaving when I am a man. Sincerely speaking, I have not known someone so caring like you.

Yes, you’re pushing me to the world with qualifications to help me become someone but surely, I will miss your love. I promise to always cherish and hold you preciously at heart. How I wish I could still be with you maybe in a serving capacity, but I put all that in God’s hands to decide my fate with you.

I will live to love you, Ibanda University.


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